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...and I've learned that it's good to have something to occupy you in the ER. So here goes.

Carrot Curry

Scrub and chop 4 or 5 carrots. If you don't have a few hours for the curry to simmer, put 'em in a bowl, cover LOOSELY, and microwave 2-3 minutes, shaking them up after each minute.

Chop half a medium onion.

Mix 4 heaping Tbsp of flour and 5 tsp curry powder in a bowl.

Have 2 cups veggie broth ready.

In a big pot, heat 4 Tbsp olive oil. Saute the carrots & onions until the onions start to brown.

Turn the heat down to medium. Add the flour mixture, stir and heat to make a roux.

Add just a little of the broth and stir until the roux turns to mush. Keep adding the broth a little at a time.

When all the broth is mixed in, turn the heat down and simmer. Half an hour is enough if you pre-nuked the carrots, longer if you didn't.

Serve on top of brown rice. Have lots of different toppings to pass: cooked green peas, salted nuts, raisins, chopped fruit, mandarin oranges, chopped hard-boiled egg, shredded coconut... go wild!

We've also made this meatitarian style with chicken (use chicken broth) or lamb (use beef broth). In that case, saute the diced meat along with the onions.

This recipe is very flexible. Just remember the general rule of 2:4:4. 2 cups of broth means 4 Tbsp of oil and 4 heaping Tbsp of flour.
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