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I've run out of questions for the January Talking Meme, so I'm shamelessly raiding my friends' questions.

[personal profile] moriwen1 asked [personal profile] rahirah, "Movie adaptations you've liked better than the original books. Bonus, if you feel like it: fanfics you've liked better than the original work."

I tend to like the original book better than the movie most of the time, particularly if I've read the book before seeing the movie (and I usually have).

One movie I both saw first and liked better was Blade Runner. I watched it for Harrison Ford, but was taken by the movie's gritty, rainy atmosphere and by Rutger Hauer's portrayal of an android who, no matter whether he obeyed or defied his creator, could not extend his brief lifespan.

I looked up Philip K. Dick's story hoping for an expansion of the movie I'd enjoyed. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. What a weird novella! The script writers were wise to trim out the theological dreaming subplot.

On the fanfic side, I'll give a shout out to [personal profile] lightgetsin's A Temporary Inability To Go Either Up Or Down". Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief series is wonderful, but it does start a bit slow. I discovered the canon series through the fanfic, and I think I do like the fic better than the first novel. The later novels more than make up for the slow canon start, though.

Can I just say, I'm enjoying this LiveJournal/Dreamwidth renaissance tremendously. So nice to read long posts. Whoever kicked off this meme has my thanks.
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