Jan. 14th, 2014

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[personal profile] rahirah asked, What is your favorite thing to cook?

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Easy choice.

We were given the recipe, along with the pizza pan to make it in, by some college friends. Hub and I have tinkered with that recipe over time until it suits exactly what we like in a pizza. It's based on Giordano's pizza, but our crust is yeastier and less corn-mealy than Giordano's. We use a little less mozerella. I think our sauce tastes better.

In fact, that's one of the downsides of making The Best Pizza In the World: I'm pretty much spoiled for restaurant pizza. I can enjoy somebody else's thin-crust, but for deep-dish it's gotta be my own.

We usually make two pies: one spinach / black olive for the veggetarians in the crowd, and one with sausage and mushrooms. But there have been variations. Hub likes pineapple / Canadian bacon.

This pizza is a LOT of work. You have to start the dough rising a couple hours ahead of time. The sauce is best if it's also made ahead so the flavors mingle. There's much slicing involved, and then just when you've finally got it in the oven, the kitchen is a disaster zone and you have to clean while the pizza cooks just so you have some place to eat.

But it's worth it. Add a salad and some grapes, and it's one heck of a meal.

The process is also a social one. It's fun to get the family and guests involved: delegate the spinach-chopping, draft somebody into grating the cheese. When the whole kitchen is fragrant and the kids are getting antsy for their first taste, that's the closest we come to grandmother's house at Thanksgiving.

It tastes like homecoming.


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