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Long quote today.

"Last night you told me you had an appointment with them. How did it go?"

"Fine. [She] was all bubbly and hopeful, and [he] was... his usual self. They certainly didn't behave like a couple who committed murder the night before."

"Have you ever seen anyone after they've committed murder?"

"Um." She looked into the fireplace.


"I've seen people after they've killed. How's that?"

Russ retreated from the sharpness in her voice. "I didn't mean to be flip. What I'm saying is that you can't always tell by someone's behavior afterwards."

She waved a hand. "No, no, I'm sorry. Sensitive area. You're right." She looked into his eyes. "I do recognize that part of me doesn't want anyone from my parish to be involved. That I can't believe that one of my..."

"Nice, white-collar Episcopalians?"

She smiled ruefully. "One of my nice Episcopalians could do something so brutal. Now, if someone had been murdered with poisoned sherry..."

"Or clubbed to death with a nine-iron..."

"Or strangled with a shetland sweater from Talbots..." They both laughed. Clare smiled at him. "I'm really glad you came over." She pushed her hair back with one hand. "Finding her has been weighing on my mind all day, but there was no one I could talk about with it."

Russ removed his glasses and rubbed them on his shirt. "Yeah. You need to talk to someone who's been there. That's why cops tend to go off-duty straight to the nearest bar instead of going home. It's not any different than coming off patrol someplace, you and your buddies getting together to drink too much and tell lousy jokes and talk about what happened over and over again."

"Because nobody else will understand."


from In the Bleak Midwinter


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